June 9, 2008

The day I got my IC back

i got my IC back. -_-

This has got to be the weirdest thing that's ever happened to me...but i really do thank God for it. It's such a relief to see the familiar blue card in my hands with the gold chip and hideous photo of a fat 12 year old. *sigh* Ah yes, life is good when you know the Lord. =)

June 1, 2008

God is VERY real

Not too long ago, my mom bought a book called 'Message from God'. It was written by the Retha McPherson, the Mrs South Africa of 2004. That year, she and her whole family were involved in a severe road accident. Retha, her husband and youngest son Josh suffered nothing serious, but when they found the body of their elder son Aldo, they were devastated- he was almost dead.

They rushed him to the hospital and it was a battle throughout the night. He was lingering between life and death. He survived but he became crippled. Things started to change tremendously for Retha and her family. Aldo couldn't speak at first but he wrote messages to his mom that God took him to heaven at the night of the accident when doctors were fighting to save his life. He saw heaven and he saw God. When i read the book i was so overcome about the hard-hitting reality. God is very very real. Aldo experienced something most of us can't imagine.

All that happened for a reason. God wanted to use Aldo to testify in his name for his glory. Aldo met two boys in heaven and when his life was saved and he was back on earth, he told his mom to search for the mothers of the two boys. Both families had become broken after the deaths of the boys. Aldo told each mother not to worry and that their sons were in heaven. As time passed, Aldo was slowly healed by God. He was visited by an angel several times and he knew about the huge tsunami beforehand, and told his mom.His mom didn't understand what he was trying to say until the tsunami occured. She was sent as a representative to administer aid.

Aldo saw many people across a bridge but they were not inside heaven. The hordes were crying. He asked God who they were and what were they doing there. God replied that they were Christians. Christians only by name but disobedient people. They attended church and read the Bible but they did not live according to His word and their hearts were far from God. How long would they have to stay outside? Would they be able to enter? God says no, they will be there forever.

So Aldo had had a very miraculous experience in going to heaven, seeing God, angels, Moses and Abraham. When he came back, he brought with him this message: Jesus is alive! Reading this opened my eyes as to how real God, heaven and hell is. And even for christians, we should not just stop at accepting Jesus as our Lord and saviour, but grow in God. Obey Him and become more and more like Him everyday. Your reward will be up in heaven. Just remember, God will JUDGE....

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