July 27, 2008

Oh pretty baby (Didi)

My aunt has returned from China for a 6 week holiday, bringing with her tons of gifts. Even better, she brought my ADORABLE baby cousin [she's all of two now] with her. My cousin; mine mine MINE ALL MINE!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
Didi (short for Deanna) is 2 feet (i think) of attitude & sass. i mean seriously; she can never keep still for a moment. Not especially when we are around. She loves being around people & seems to have taken a liking to my youngest bro. Everywhere she goes she's like "Jo-Kyle, Jo-Kyle come here". It's no easy chore looking after her. Most...actually every two-year-olds are content with sticking to mummy like glue and sitting quietly, playing with dollies...but this babe is like road rage man! Too fast too furious.

My aunt prayed for a girl when she found out she was pregnant. Come ultrasound time, she really got a baby girl. Then she prayed for the baby to have lots of hair. Come delivery, the doctors first saw a black bush, making its way for-...uhm, maybe i'd better not continue. Anyways she got everything she wanted. It didn't take long for Didi to do...just about anything.OMG for a two year old, she is awesome!!! My uncle says she is everything he wants in a daughter.
My aunt received an email about child development and research showed that the average 2 yr old can recognise at the names of at least two friends. Bah! This girl knows everybody in her nursery in China. She knows the names of my family members too. We've actually seen her once last year. She was 1 at the time & already learnt our names. One year didn't do anything to make her forget us. She came back to Malaysia remembering everybody in the family.Tell me that isn't cool, i dare you. Also, she can sing in chinese, english, and bm...wow.
Here's lookin at you, babe. i'd kill for cheeks like those.So pinchable
Theory of hyperactivity- Energy=Didi
She's a ball of nonstop action.Jackie Chan's cue to retire (Plus she's cuter, gosh)

whoa 100kmph
This is how fast she moves. i can't even get a clear pic

Youngest camwhore. i managed to convince her to stay still for awhile to take a picture

Her signature pose.Too cute.
Her hair is actually much longer.It's all tied up
PS- Once, in China, my aunt was getting her ready for a bath when a visitor arrived at their apartment. My aunt let in the visitor and Didi ran out of the room in her birthday suit and jumped at the uncle with open arms and yelled "SURPRISE!"
PPS- Everyone swears that i was just like Didi when i was young. My aunt even wrote a college paper about me. O.O

July 24, 2008

A platypus in a UPSR taugeh project

My sister had this science project for UPSR and she was supposed to grow bean sprouts in two separate containers. The first had to contain 5 seeds & the other, 10 seeds. The objective was to observe which container would have the bigger and healthier sprouts [duh the five]...

Aww...they're so cute.

She brought it inside the house the night before she was supposed to hand in the project & kept blabbing on about it to me. We never had projects like that during my time...not that i remember, that is.

i took a closer look at her plants & found something inside.OMG HAHAHAHAHA, there was a paper platypus swimming in her pool of bean sprouts. It was from a decorative paper perforator, you know the kind with different shapes & patterns. We have one the shape of a platypus. Apparently, one of the pieces came to life like Chucky the doll & decided to go for a dip.

Up close & blurry

Blue paper platypus swimming in the sprouts
My sis & i were doubled over. Guess what we did after that? We threw it away.Done!

On a scale of expired to really expired how expired is this

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