August 31, 2008


for life is just a passing phase.

People come, people go.
Though those that leave may
be very dear to you,
fret not because our God will bring you through;
For us, death is merely a passing phase,
that ends with song and joy;
The one you love is up in heaven,
singing His praise forevermore.
It won't be long till you see her again,
and join in the worship;
But until then be strong, my friend
you are not alone.
He is with you and He will bring you through;
For He says that He never gives us
too much to handle.
"My grace is sufficient for you."
...Take heart in His promises, girl.

August 26, 2008

Puli, the mop dog

Jules & i were harping on about dogs today at the media hub. i had no idea she liked dogs sooo much, but she's not allowed to have one =( ... We peeked out through the window and saw a black stray dog outside college grounds. It was chilling out on the sand in the rain. What man! In the rain?! Poor thing. When i had to go, Jules sulked and told me to send the dog in instead to keep her company. Haha. Nash substitute.

Speaking of dogs, i came across a really freakatootingationistic breed called a Puli. Honestly! And i thought amoebas were weird creatures O.o ...
They look like mobile mops with a sharp sense of smell. Hey that gives me an idea! Every household should have one for multipurposes. It cleans, it provides company, amusement, and security. Awesome!

Check it out. It cam whore's too *wolfcalls* "Do you think i'm sexy?"

Gakk! What the heck of a pose is this?

To find out more about his royal puliness, check out the American Kennel Club. Eeek adorable la.

August 22, 2008

Ranting post about the KTM

Today, The Star newspaper reports on our PM, taking a ride on none other than the KTM. All the way from Serdang to KL Sentral, then a switch to the LRT to Masjid Jamek, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he was less then satisfied.

But i'll bet he's got more words for it than unsatisfactory. i know i would!!!

Hah! You see, you see?! i told you the KTM was crap! i told you but you all never listen, do you???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fine can just talk to the hand!

Just kidding. i love you all. ohoho

August 11, 2008

Grandma made pitaya jelly. Like power rangers morphin time

food, my Grandma made pitayaPita jelly today.

i just wonder, how you turn this:

into this--->

ooh ooh i know,

it's morphin' time! Go, go Power Rangers!

August 8, 2008

The Dollar Decade

Wow...flappers a.k.a. vamps are gorge n glam. The term surfaced in the Jazz Age (20's), categorising young women who rebelled against societal norms. They popularised bobbed hair & short skirts. They smoked, ,drank, drove, wore excessive make up and listen to jAZZ.

The many faces of flappers
Eeek they are GLAMOROUS!!
Love the pose..but what's with the guy fawning all over her? Spoils the whole thing Norma Talmadge (actress)
Oozes sex appeal. Just about dontcha think?

Clara Bow (actress)

Short skirts, flat boobs, bob hair- the prototypical flapper
i'm not to hot on the flat chest though
They could do with a bit of silicone ;)

Nice cartoon. Some day, i'll work my way around this too ^^... A whole range of dances flourished in the 20's like the Charleston, Shimmy, Toddle & lots more. People finally learned how to have fun, yeah!

August 4, 2008

Praise the Lord for good results in uni

End of my term holidays already & it's back to college *sobness*
There goes my precious rotting time, haha.
But since there's no lecture today, most of us are only attending tomorrow, what imps ;-p
So i checked on my Unisa results to see how i did for the previous semester- which was not too long ago; before the holidays. Wow, where has the time gone. We grow up so fast *sniffles*
i got D for every one of my subjects except CCS. Darn that subject. D for Donkey??? Haha i'd be crying if Unisa follows the A, B, C grading system. But D here = Distinction, so i'm pretty glad.
All i can say is praise God that i got through the first semester without breaking anything. D, C, D, D...hmm...not bad, eh? But i give God all the credit. Couldn't have done it without Him.
Only the with God's grace, only with God's grace

August 3, 2008

More pics of Didi

i know i'm cute, quit staring
Didi & her mummy

Guiness world record: 2 year old on chopsticks

Lean mean makan machine

Didi & our grandma

Check me out!


Didi & her daddy

Static Babe

All bundled up like a present with a bunch of other people

On a scale of expired to really expired how expired is this

Dudeit says since 1981 yo Very recent ah By your standardsla is it klaus cos you live forever Where thes stink is the expirey date W...