August 4, 2008

Praise the Lord for good results in uni

End of my term holidays already & it's back to college *sobness*
There goes my precious rotting time, haha.
But since there's no lecture today, most of us are only attending tomorrow, what imps ;-p
So i checked on my Unisa results to see how i did for the previous semester- which was not too long ago; before the holidays. Wow, where has the time gone. We grow up so fast *sniffles*
i got D for every one of my subjects except CCS. Darn that subject. D for Donkey??? Haha i'd be crying if Unisa follows the A, B, C grading system. But D here = Distinction, so i'm pretty glad.
All i can say is praise God that i got through the first semester without breaking anything. D, C, D, D...hmm...not bad, eh? But i give God all the credit. Couldn't have done it without Him.
Only the with God's grace, only with God's grace

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