November 16, 2008

Joshua's 15th birthday

Yesterday, my brother turned 15! Hahaha talk about late. So we went to a mall and had dinner to celebrate. The place is called Che Go *(O.O)* and it served Korean barbeque. Too bad we didn't get to DIY. Hummph! They should call it Korean barbequED!!!

Here he is. Staring at the menu. See, that's Kim Gary behind.

Here he is, turning the menu.

Mum and Dad. Never Dad and Mum...ladies first.

My sister.

My sister...& i

Gilmore girls? Bleeurrgghhhhhh! i think NOT!!! Thank goodness for that.

This is egg. Hmm...who stole the missing piece? The odds are against me.

More barbequED stuff.

Tofu, chicken and octopus. Droooooooling

Soft shelled crab.

On a scale of expired to really expired how expired is this

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