June 8, 2009

Crying in Parliament because of work stress

That Thursday on lunch break after Management lecture in Ayamas

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We were blabbing to each other about assignments and how it much it screws us up. All of us can agree on the fact that it makes us cry. Yes, seriously. Assignments can make people cry. I guess deep down, we’re all sensitive souls. *cue toot*…

Mohani started elaborating about how it stresses her out and how she’ll start breaking down when it becomes too much.

Rachel said once when she had to hand in Media Law it was such a terrible experience with her car issues and all that so she had to cry.

Nahda said it was very straining with all the datelines to follow and how she even freaks out when she gets yelled at. Then she brought in the working scenario too and how she’ll start going all weepy if the bosses start screaming.

For me it’s a little different. I don’t cry for every assignment. I can take it for as long as I can hold out. Of course with a little complaining and the occasional shouting at random people. It just builds and builds until it’s at its peak and come the final straw, Niagara Falls.......ok…I just described a volcano didn’t I? <.< Today in Media Context tutorial
Main characters
Ju Enn

We were talking about the same topic (sobbing about work in case your pathetic squirrel-like attention span wasn’t working on the earlier paragraphs). Nahda asked Ju Enn if she had ever sobbed about this. This was a silly question to ask Ju Enn considering it’s Ju Enn! What?! Ju Enn the composed, levelheaded, never-screams/shouts/yells girl? I don’t think so!!! As expected, Ju Enn’s answer was “No! Why would I cry over assignments?” with that *wth?* look on her face. Haha hilarious.

Then I said: “omg imagine if I got a job in some hard hitting newspaper corporation and I had to cover news about Parliament proceedings instead of just applying for a silly magazine where I can HeheheheAheeeeeee like I always do. I probably wouldn’t know the first thing to write and start sobbing in Parliament. Just imagine. Parliament is proceeding, with the MPs all discussing their stuff. Suddenly they hear this annoying whiny sobby sound and they all go ‘who da heck set that stupid ringtone?’. Then all heads rotate 360° to one corner where there’s some girl crying her eyes out all over her notes/doodles. I can see the MPs getting up from their seats and walking over to me and say: ‘What’s the matter, child? Why are you crying? Don’t cry. You’re notes are all illegible now. There there. Here’s a tissue. Dry your eyes.’”

Crying in Parliament……

Conclusion: Boy, I can really crap!

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