April 25, 2008

Just Wasting Time...

Once upon a time, in a faraway far far very very faraway land, the kingdom of Queendom was ruled by the jolly King Fatface & his queen, Queen Giraffe Longbeard.
King Fatface

Queen Giraffe Longbeard

The king & queen had 100 sons & 1 daughter, which obviously meant they spoiled their daughter to the max.Princess Portia Langdon KitKat Dior Liverpool Toshiba Kilometrico Whisper (what a snotty name) was given everything she wanted. She had a room made of pure gold, 1000 personal servants, a wardrobe the size of the colloseum, a jet plane she can't fly, & lots & lotsa pink stuff (cliche much?). The princess was a super duper juper luper spoilt brat. A 1000x worse than Vico Beckham, Poo Hilton, Boobsica Simpson, & Lindsay Loser combined.

But enough about Princess P or she'll start getting all conceited and what not (not that she already isn't and all *snap fingers*).

Of all her 1000 servants, the princess had a favourite maid named Mentosina.She was the sweetest little thing in the whole kingdom and did her work very obediently.

Mentosina was given 'special treatment' by her because of that-not that the princess was really really good to her, i mean she still gets pushed around and all-but yeah she has it way better than the other servants, the poor saps.

The time came for Princess P to be married (& we all know where that will lead to *uh, puh-lease*).
Queen: You know dear, our Portia is kinda getting...erm...well, old.I mean she's thirty...thirty...thirty what?

King: i dunno.Uhh, thirty three? Thirty four, five maybe?

Q: Well anyway, thirtyish.i was thinking, its high time she got married now, don't you?

K:Eh,well i guess so, ye-es.

Q: i mean, we wouldn't want her to live alone all her life would we?

K:Lonely, i'm mister lonely...

Q: KINGSTER! Are you listening to me???

K:Er, yeah yeah, sure.Go find her a husband,dear...If we can find someone who will have her that is....

Q: But how? How are we gonna trap *ahem* i mean "select" a suitable husband for our little darling?

K:Umm, she's like not little anymore?!

Q: What?

K:Portia-she's not little anymore.You called her a little girl just now but she's not little anymore.

Q:Well yeah but she's still our baby girl.

K: There you go again!Calling her a baby!

Q:i can't help ok.Old habits die hard.We've been calling her that since she was born.

K: Huh! No wonder she's always so embarrased to be around us.

Q:Like whatever!
K:Like like whatever!

Q:Like like like like whatever!

K:Like x1000 whatever!

Q:Look can we just get back to the topic???

So the royal family organised a big fat ball.

No, not a ball ball! A banquet ball. And so they planned a ball (what's new? =_=) and invited all the men of the kingdom to choose a suitable groom for Princess P.The palace servants ran about like mad, getting ready for the event-decorating the hall, preparing the food,making the princess' gown and all that.Everyone was seriously busy.Some even dropped dead from the exhaustion of slave labour *cough cough*...i meant work.

Soon, [yeah, & i mean the very next day], the time came for the ball [banquet: for those who still don't get it] came. So many guests arrived for the "joyous"occasion; mostly men (to marry Princess P for her $$$), some family members ("obliged" to attend, just to be polite), some nosy housewives who wanna check out who the princess would pick (so they could exchange the already what each would already know to each other-the fun is in the act of gossiping), some officially licensed kepo organisations like:

The guests were herded into the banquet hall like zombie sheep in a pen and the party BEGAN! Let's dance get, get on the floor don't need to hold back...Night fever, night fever...Boogie Woogie!

But there was a secret guest-sort of like a stowaway. Mentosina had lived poor all her life and had never had any privileges like everyone else. So, dying for some fun, she dressed up & disguised for the party.Look:

Pretty gorgeous eh?That's the magic of make-up.Hollywood's greatest secret.Mentosina slipped into the hall quietly.

Suddenly, there came the sound of loud trumpets blasting & deafening everyone's ears. Announcing the presence of Princess P! Oooh, Aaaah! Everyone gasped and cooed over the Princess & her gorgeous look-the belle of the ball. She had on a white, majestic gown...a wedding gown (tres desperate!) HO yeah, that conveyed the message alright.She certainly knew how to grab attention.

So everyone continued partying and the princess was enjoying herself thoroughly. Then, out of the corner of her eyes, the princess saw someone. OMG!!! He's sooo CUTE! What a dreamboat *SIGH*. Immediately, the princess went up to him & like 'Hiiiiiiiii, i'm lik Princess Portia.i was like just partiing n' all wen i lik saw u acros da room. You're lyke sooo qute! Do ya like hav a name?...like?' , the princess drawled in her Stupid-Girl voice (UUUGGHHHHH!)

'Er yeah, i know who you are...will you excuse me, please'

'Sure hahaHA' said the princess, tittering.


The prince had actually spied someone else in the hall.A very beautiful, sweet-looking girl.No prizes for guessing who it is. & no its not the Queen. He made his way to.......... !!! Mentosina !!! 'Hi, i'm Prince Charming.What is your name?'

'i'm Mentosina', said the little maid, blushing. 'Are you really a prince?'

'Oh, no.It's actually my name. Umm, hehe, some problem at the birth registration department'


'So uhh, wanna dance?' asked PC(K).

'Yeah, sure'

Meanwhile, Princess P made her way to her parents who were entertaining guests. 'Mum, Dad, i've found him. i've found my Prince Charming...no i mean seriously, his name is Prince Charming.'

King: That's strange.i don't remember having a son named Charming.

Queen: That's right, me neither.Then again we have so many sons (100 remember?) it's hard to keep track.We certainly wouldn't want you to end up marrying your own brother! [incest??? Eewkadoo!!!]

Princess: i dunno. i don't remember seeing him in the palace before.

Q: That's strange.How can anyone catwalk around with a royal title to his name if he's not of the royal family?

K: Hmm, could be a mistake down at the birth registration department.

P: Who cares, people? Seriously. i wanna get married-NOW!

K: Alright, honey.Chill.Where's the priest anyway?Priest? Priesty?

Q: Where is that young man by the way dear?

P: Over there.See?

K: Well, he certainly looks a dashing young fellow.

Q: Whoa, he's HOT!


The princess ran to Prince Charming and grabbed his arm. 'Come on,Prince Charming.We're getting married'. 'What???WTH', said PC(K). 'What?', said Mentosina. 'What?', went the crowd.

'i thought he is a prince.How can the princess marry her own brother?' asked someone amongst the crowd. 'No, i heard it's a blunder down at the birth registration department'. 'Ohhh.' 'Duh, incest??? Eewkadoo'

Prince Charming found himself facing the Priest who appeared like out of nowhere. 'Dearly beloved',said the priest.'We are gathered here, to witness in holy macaroni, the union of the princess and her Prince Charming. Princess Portia, do you take Prince Charming to be your lawful wedded husband?'

'Do i??? DUH!!!'

'& do you Prince Charming, take Princess Portia to be your lawful wedded wife?'

'i...uhh...i', he stared at all the faces around him.Everyone had big stupid smiles on their faces.'i...i DON'T! That's right, you heard me Miss Bossy. i'm in love with someone else.'

*GASPS around the room*

'i'm in love with her', PC(K) pointed. 'Mentosina.'

*more GASPS*

'WHAT?????????' You would choose my maid over ME?' yelled the princess.

'Oh she's your maid? i didn't know. In that case, i hope you will end your contract with her coz i intend to marry her', said PC(K).

Prince Charming ran towards Mentosina and got down on one knee.'Mentosina, will you marry me?'

*Ohhh* went everyone.

'Yes', Mentosina replied.


'Great then.Lets go', PC(K) grabbed her arm and they both ran to a window in the hall. They broke through the glass and hurled themselves down the who-knows-how-many-metres-high-mountain on which the castle was situated.

Everyone just stared at the broken window. And they stared.And they stared.And they stared.


Mentosina and Prince Charming got married and had their own little mentos children.They lived happily ever after.And after Prince Charming died [he died at sea. Freak submarine accident. Didn't you notice the admiral uniform he was wearing? that means you haven't been paying attention to the narrator! What an insult!], Mentosina dropped the blue sapphire necklace into the very exact spot he died at sea, when she was on a cruise boat. *Cue: Titanic music*


And when they were giving out those little golden stars which they so freely give out at the Naval Embassy, the people in charge, big bosses, administrators, whatever you call them, said: 'He was a prince? We didn't know that.' - 'Oh, no actually it was some typo error at the birth registration department.'



~Narrated by, yours truly~

April 11, 2008

The circus is in town!!!!!!!!!

Everybody loves the circus right?
Here's MCKL's very own CIRCUS!!!

The tent

The ringmistress

The clown

The Horseriding stunts

The amazing King Kong

The trapeze act

The Juggler.
The tightrope walk
The Elephant Tricks


Starring: Lillien, Jolyn, Esther, Shanon, Melvin, Tijo, Justin, Ashwini, Ben

April 3, 2008


Remember the earlier post i just typed-i'm sorry, i forgot the title already...i think it was 'i want you...'
Well forget it.It's absolutely void & null now.A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y!
The most amazing thing like happened. Now i even feel ashamed for blasting out like that.i guess i spoke to soon. At about 7 something pm i got a call from a lady. She asked if my name was...well, my name.& she asked if i lost a file.WHOA shocker rite??? i said ya.apparently her child found it.she told me to go look for her at mentari court.that's opposite the KTM station & beside the college."but i'm from Klang(the pits)", i said.So she asked if i had a friend staying in mentari.so i called Joanne up,& she called the lady up, they met and the lady gave her my baby.That's right people.Miracles do happen.i was upset about it & prayed.God always listens if you take the time to talk to Him.& yeah, angels do exist in the form of ordinary you & me.Give it up for God, Joanne & the lady.

My heroes:
1 God

On a scale of expired to really expired how expired is this

Dudeit says since 1981 yo Very recent ah By your standardsla is it klaus cos you live forever Where thes stink is the expirey date W...