August 30, 2009

Jokyle asking about the meaning of teng lang (Hokkien)

My little brother is nuts. He's banana-er than i am. He's heard the Hokkien word *teng lang* a couple of times. So he asks: "Mom, *teng lang* means Chinese izit?" My mom says yes. Then he says: "So *teng* means 'Chi-' izit?

Kids...they say the darnest things.

epilogue - 'Chi'(nese)

My God is Mighty to save

Testimony for God: My brother went cycling (this happened a long time ago actually. why am i posting this only now?!) and fell of his bike. i wasn't there so i don't know on what kind of Spiderman pose he landed. But whichever pose it was, it was enuf to fracture his arm. Miracle was, he didn't feel much pain. You know when people fracture their arm they'll be jumping like lima beans, doing the Mambo Number 5 and screaming right? To be expected. But thank God, he wasn't in that kind of pain.

At the doctor's, he had an xray taken and it showed that his arm had fractured. We were all surprised he didn't sob/scream/throw a tantrum over the pain. Had to be the work of God.

Next stop, hospital; to get a cast on. It was night by then and my dad took the sibling crew home while mom stayed with bro at the hospital. Then my mom called and said the doctor was attending to him. He was checking if the bone was in place. If it was, good. If not, a small surgery had to be done to put it in place before cementing the cast. Mom told us to pray and in 10 minutes, Doc will give the verdict. Then we put down the phone and i told other bro & sis to start praying. Sis & i prayed together. Around 10 minutes later, i called my mom up to find out the results. My mom said, Praise God, there was no need for any surgery.

Woohoo! God at work there.

He's removing his cast soon. Say, what assignments do we have to hand in? i dunno if my JE sources have replied. Maybe i should call instead of waiting for their email. Oh, snap.

On a scale of expired to really expired how expired is this

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