March 11, 2009

He has something to say (when I typed in BlogPSOT instead of blogSPOT)

Wow, this is a big time testimony. i'm really shocked by this one because it was really unexpected and when you hear this, you're jaw will hang too. i typed out my blog address two days ago but made a mistake. i typed, not blogSPot. Then, before i had a chance to correct the mistake, the page for that address loaded and i saw that i had entered a Christian website called Gosh, i was amazed. i'm thinking God has something to say and i know i should share it, so i wrote this post. Today, i tried typing the address and the same page came out! Is it possible for one website to have two addresses? i'm not sure about that, but one thing is for sure, if i had mistyped my blog address i wouldn't have come across that page. And i believe it wasn't an accident. God works in mysterious ways. i think you should check out the *page . Then try typing in the other address, Go read. Rapture is near.

~God bless you all.

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