September 26, 2009

CF Outing to Bkt Cahaya.

Eh the heck! Isn't Bkt Cahaya the place that Mongolian died? OK never mind. Or at least pretend not to care. i know one thing, Bkt Cahaya is the place many mosquitoes died if i had aimed correctly. Gosh i tell you! It's like a mosquito farm in there. And they all seem to have only feasted on ME!!!!!!! No one else had bites as bad as mine. JQ said it's probably something in my blood. Something sweet. <3 ...haha="">

i woke up in the morning and got busy. Taking junk i was gonna bring and all that. Then waited and waited...and waited. Oi what happened to JQ? So i called. Turns out she just woke up. Hahaha. We had planned to take the KTM together. Since she woke up very late, she decided to drive instead. My dad was like: "What the heck?!" when he saw me. "Going to some jungle, wearing shorts *glares*. A lot of mosquitoes you know!" i didn't wanna wear jeans la. HOT!!!! So i hid in my room till he left for work. Naughty.

JQ drove to my house and picked me up. We blabbed on the way there. When we reached, i passed everyone without saying hello first (sowwy) and headed for 7 11 to pick up Lillien and buy junk food for the trip. JQ and i got Corntos(z). Lillien was pissed at my tardiness. Haha. She gave me a huge Hello Sunshine welcome (sarcasm).

Lillien, Julia, Ju Enn & i sat in Max's car to get there. Benny thought it would take forever to get there. *Big sigh* It's only Shah Alam you know! The journey was like 20/30 minutes. First activity, we were to go to the amphitheater (that what it's called?) and sing songs. On the way we were ambushed by psycho monkeys. Lillien has a picture of the monster on FB (go check out). He stole Lillien's raya cookies. And she wanted to share them with us. Awww. No one wanted to wrestle the monkey to get it back. What if he bites. Monkey cooties. We were trying to get over the incident and saying things like "God forgive them for they know not what they do." Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

We sang. Max brought his guitar. Ate our snacks. Lillien brought 2 lo mai kai. Only for us. Coz we're special. Lol. Benny saw us and said:"Eh those two brought real food." Haha BURN! Then the crowd broke into groups and did their own thing. Some went to get the pizza for our lunch. JQ and others went to the cocoa and paddy farm. The other lazies (including me) took a long ride on the bus. Mmm. Yummy breeze.

We took the pizzas in and ate. Thank goodness we didn't get the delivery guy to send it in. Imagine if he was merrily riding along on his bike and humming 1 300 882525. Suddenly a whole group of monkeys come surging towards him and pounce. It will be like the scene from 300 where the arrows shot covered the sky and blocked out the sun. Poor pizza delivery guy. He would have gotten a big big tip if that really happened.

After makaning, we played games. Blow wind blow and a treasure hunt sorta game. Four people in a group. In mine, Jules, Christina and Benny. Benny was the blind, Jules and I had tie our legs to be the invalids. Christina was to lead us. We hopped(Jules & i) and groped(Benny) our way around, looking for very tiny pieces of coloured paper. Here i loved Jade for something. *winks* When the game ended and i cut the strings off my ankles i was like Praise God for my perfectly functional legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next we went to the Four Seasons House. Today was Autumn. Oh great! i love Autumn. i'd never experienced Autumn before. But that doesn't mean it can't be my fave season. i love God and i've never seen His face. Autumn was very very cold. It was even colder than the AC in college. Can't imagine what winter would be like. Oh wait, i've been to the Mines Winter Wonderland. Toot it was frigging freezing. i went in yellow and came out blue. Anyway let's get back on track. It was gorgeous. So so beautiful. Like a countryside. There were gazebos, lots of pretty flowers (i saw bluebells!!!), a tree with brown/orange leaves, a mini pond, and a little mill. Lillien said she could stay there forever.

Our last activity was the maddest. Poisonball and monkey in the middle.i stank so bad at poisonball. There was 20 seconds of volleyball. Then we switcherooed to monkey in the middle. Fun la oi! Dunno how many dents the buses when the ball hit. Kenneth was hilarious here. He was screaming and running away from the ball. Lol. Finally the bus came and we ciao-ed. Lillien and i took the van this time. And we played the sakai game of Truth or Dare. Peter had tons of retarded questions to throw at us.

Lastly we had dinner together in MyCafe. Wei Chin let us listen to some of his songs. Turns out Kenneth and i were the only 'special' (go figure) ones in the group. Sad when we had to leave. Waiting for the next outing. Woohoo!!! Next Tuesday's CF, there'll be a movie. Come ok!!!

Picture time. Shucks i didn't arrange them in order. They go backwards.

This one was taken outside Bkt Cahaya when the day ended. The van was waiting for us already. Diva diva.

Group camwhoring outside the Four Seasons House. Can you spot Jolyn?

Shadow photo! Jolyn tagged a photo of Lillien on Blogspot. Jolyn tagged a photo of Ju Enn on Blogspot. Jolyn tagged a photo of herself on Blogspot.

Oh i love the concept here. i saw the railings and thought, hey why not get a photo of two ballerinas practicing?

The whole group of girls. Oi i can't see Dina's face. This was taken in the Four Seasons House. Look at the background. Isn't it divine?

Five girls trying to make the great escape. Go check out Lillien's FB for pics of the Four Seasons House. Worth it. Give your eyeballs a treat.

OMG what the freak were Jade and i doing? Hahaha such Drama Queen poses. Hahaha. Girls just wanna have fun.

Awww. Jules and i. <3 p="">

More of us. i still can't get over how beautiful it was at the FSH. *sigh* dreamy.

Oooh oooooh i love this photo. Lillien & i in the gazebo.

i'm glad i dragged her along for the trip. So is she.

Haha we were walking backwards here. Ju Enn found an easy way to make it up the slope.

Look at us. Like a Shakespeare play on stage.

Shucks i can't wait for the next outing. *fingers crossed*

September 4, 2009

To Heaven and Back

My mom told me about a D.G.S. Dhinakaran from India who was introduced to Christ by his uncle. His uncle had stopped him in the nick of time as he was about to commit suicide by throwing himself at a speeding train. After knowing Christ, he began to have divine peace and hope in life. For years he diligently sought God. He prayed for hours everyday on his knees.

One day, as he was praying, He saw a giant hand. It came towards him and he jumped on it. The hand rose, taking him along. When he looked down, he saw his physical body still on the knees, praying. He rose higher and higher and he could see millions of stars.

Then he reached Heaven. There are three Heavens. The highest Heaven was where God the Father sat on a huge magnificent throne. It was amazing to see. There God sat in all His splendour. He could see God's form but not His face. No man can see the face of God and live (Exodus 33:20). He also saw Jesus who moved freely around all three Heavens. He described Jesus' voice as soft and tender. God the Father's voice is very different. Thunderous and booming.

He saw Paul in Heaven. He was a short thin man. He saw Elijah and Enoch who were still in physical form. He saw David too. David was big and burly.

God asked Dhinakaran. What do you want? Dhinakaran answered, I want the nine gifts of the spirit:

Discerning of spirits
Working of miracles
Speaking of tongues
Interpretation of tongues

1 Corinthians 12:4-11

God replied, I am the nine gifts of the spirit. From behind him, he heard the Holy Spirit whisper: Tell God, I want You. So Dhinakaran said to God: I want You. Then he saw, God wriggled with joy, and on his bosom appeared the face of Jesus. And Dhinakaran was given the nine gifts of the spirit.

Wow. i was so amazed when i heard this story and knew i had to share it with you guys.

September 2, 2009

Wild Mushrooms in my Garden

Came home from college today, got out of the car with my mom and i noticed in our garden grew a whole family of wild mushrooms. Oh they were so cuuuuute. But too bad my mom didn't think they were cute and told me to uproot them all by stepping on them. How sad. But i took pictures first before doing the dark, dirty deed.See, aren't they so adorable. i feel like keeping them as pets. Haha. Who knows what breed of mushrooms these are. Maybe poisonous too.
Up close. Picture kinda blurry but can see them clearer.

i like the pretty frills they have under their heads. It's like a petticoat. Mushrooms remind me of jellyfish. Or umbrellas. Dunno whether you guys call them mushrooms or toadstools.

Shhh. Don't tell my mom, but secretly i hope they grow back.

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