September 2, 2009

Wild Mushrooms in my Garden

Came home from college today, got out of the car with my mom and i noticed in our garden grew a whole family of wild mushrooms. Oh they were so cuuuuute. But too bad my mom didn't think they were cute and told me to uproot them all by stepping on them. How sad. But i took pictures first before doing the dark, dirty deed.See, aren't they so adorable. i feel like keeping them as pets. Haha. Who knows what breed of mushrooms these are. Maybe poisonous too.
Up close. Picture kinda blurry but can see them clearer.

i like the pretty frills they have under their heads. It's like a petticoat. Mushrooms remind me of jellyfish. Or umbrellas. Dunno whether you guys call them mushrooms or toadstools.

Shhh. Don't tell my mom, but secretly i hope they grow back.

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