April 3, 2008


Remember the earlier post i just typed-i'm sorry, i forgot the title already...i think it was 'i want you...'
Well forget it.It's absolutely void & null now.A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y!
The most amazing thing like happened. Now i even feel ashamed for blasting out like that.i guess i spoke to soon. At about 7 something pm i got a call from a lady. She asked if my name was...well, my name.& she asked if i lost a file.WHOA shocker rite??? i said ya.apparently her child found it.she told me to go look for her at mentari court.that's opposite the KTM station & beside the college."but i'm from Klang(the pits)", i said.So she asked if i had a friend staying in mentari.so i called Joanne up,& she called the lady up, they met and the lady gave her my baby.That's right people.Miracles do happen.i was upset about it & prayed.God always listens if you take the time to talk to Him.& yeah, angels do exist in the form of ordinary you & me.Give it up for God, Joanne & the lady.

My heroes:
1 God

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