March 29, 2008


Two days ago, my brother came home with a frogky...i mean freaky surprise.He held up a transparent container filled with shallow water for me to see & i spied 2 little thingies inside.What the *toot*tanell?!They were tiny little baby froggies.I've seen tadpoles & big frogs before, but only a small one once. & that was like a way long time ago, i was practically an embryo.Apparently his friend caught them.Eeewkadoooo right??!!! & they stuck to the wall of the container.What is this man? Spiderfrog??? i thot frogs were supposed to bite the spiders-not the other way round.Maybe it's just suction cup feet...hmm.But somehow, the the froggelinis seemed to get cuter & cuter by the minute.So i just continued staring at them,then taking pictures.Sorry i cant upload those.They're on my mobile phone & i dunno how to send it to a laptop.The little frogeritas are smaller than a 1cm square.They didn't feel that slimy when i touched them.i thot they would have been oozing goo like a geyser.i'm thinking about naming them.What do you think?Got any ideas? i'll leave the floor open for suggestions.Post it on the blindingly pink c(rap)box on the right [do i need to give directions??? '''''=_=] How about Bonnie & Clyde?Who cares if both of them are males?The Bonnie can be a drag queen for the rest of his froggin' life.That's right,that's great! i'll call them Bonnie & Clyde. Sorry folks suggestion floor closed.Too bad, so sad, i'm mad. Wokey then,ciao. i g2g kiss the froganells good night.Hope they don't hip hop into my mouth & down my esophagus. i'll have a hard time getting them out then.