August 8, 2008

The Dollar Decade

Wow...flappers a.k.a. vamps are gorge n glam. The term surfaced in the Jazz Age (20's), categorising young women who rebelled against societal norms. They popularised bobbed hair & short skirts. They smoked, ,drank, drove, wore excessive make up and listen to jAZZ.

The many faces of flappers
Eeek they are GLAMOROUS!!
Love the pose..but what's with the guy fawning all over her? Spoils the whole thing Norma Talmadge (actress)
Oozes sex appeal. Just about dontcha think?

Clara Bow (actress)

Short skirts, flat boobs, bob hair- the prototypical flapper
i'm not to hot on the flat chest though
They could do with a bit of silicone ;)

Nice cartoon. Some day, i'll work my way around this too ^^... A whole range of dances flourished in the 20's like the Charleston, Shimmy, Toddle & lots more. People finally learned how to have fun, yeah!

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