August 26, 2008

Puli, the mop dog

Jules & i were harping on about dogs today at the media hub. i had no idea she liked dogs sooo much, but she's not allowed to have one =( ... We peeked out through the window and saw a black stray dog outside college grounds. It was chilling out on the sand in the rain. What man! In the rain?! Poor thing. When i had to go, Jules sulked and told me to send the dog in instead to keep her company. Haha. Nash substitute.

Speaking of dogs, i came across a really freakatootingationistic breed called a Puli. Honestly! And i thought amoebas were weird creatures O.o ...
They look like mobile mops with a sharp sense of smell. Hey that gives me an idea! Every household should have one for multipurposes. It cleans, it provides company, amusement, and security. Awesome!

Check it out. It cam whore's too *wolfcalls* "Do you think i'm sexy?"

Gakk! What the heck of a pose is this?

To find out more about his royal puliness, check out the American Kennel Club. Eeek adorable la.

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