July 24, 2008

A platypus in a UPSR taugeh project

My sister had this science project for UPSR and she was supposed to grow bean sprouts in two separate containers. The first had to contain 5 seeds & the other, 10 seeds. The objective was to observe which container would have the bigger and healthier sprouts [duh the five]...

Aww...they're so cute.

She brought it inside the house the night before she was supposed to hand in the project & kept blabbing on about it to me. We never had projects like that during my time...not that i remember, that is.

i took a closer look at her plants & found something inside.OMG HAHAHAHAHA, there was a paper platypus swimming in her pool of bean sprouts. It was from a decorative paper perforator, you know the kind with different shapes & patterns. We have one the shape of a platypus. Apparently, one of the pieces came to life like Chucky the doll & decided to go for a dip.

Up close & blurry

Blue paper platypus swimming in the sprouts
My sis & i were doubled over. Guess what we did after that? We threw it away.Done!

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