March 25, 2008

Advertising class ideas on creme de menthe (not real)

Hello & Welcome, to the class of Advertising. Today we'll be looking at advertising strategies employed by a mad blogger (that's me) to promote the world's favourite drink, crème de menthe (what a lie).

Strategy 1:
Every product/company has a trademark logo. Here we have the world famous trademark for crème de menthe

Strategy 2:
What is a product without it's world annoying, banal trademark tune, right?

[sing to the tune of Paddle-Pop]

All together now:

Strategy 3:
Ah & now we come to a strategy, popular among car and beer companies.!!!GIRLS!!!
You've got your grid girls, you've got your beer girls, now ladies & gentlemen...or should i say gentlemen alone, since this strategy only attracts the latter...i give you the GREEN GIRLS! (loud applause & whistles from the men, wind blows & tumbleweeds roll by around the girls)

Eh?The same girl?How come only 1 girl? Aiya that's why la, low-budget company what!

Strategy 4: The following features The Incredible Hulk & The Incredible Bulk.
Get a popular world icon to endorse your product.

Strategy 5:
Eliminate all possible threats that could affect your sales. The world's unhealthiest Health Department may come up with some ludicrous propaganda against you just so that they can compete amongst themselves, the number of companies they've put out of business. Here's how to stay a step ahead in this chess game. Reassure the public that they will come to no loss or harmful side effects if they consume your product.

Eg: Our scientists confirm that this man is NOT a result of our product. It's genetic.

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