May 18, 2008

The Chronicles of KTM

Hey people! Here i am to talk about everybody's "favourite" subject. The KTM!!!
*cue: cheers...& jeers*

Here's a picture of the infamous hunk of junk, the KTM!!! This is along some track, i dunno where but it kinda looks like it's between Batu Tiga and Shah Alam.

Here is my favourite model of the KTM!!! You can tell from its flat nose. i LOVE the seats in this train.

Ok people, lets all give a rousing applause to the people who make it all POSSIBLE!

The KTM Crew!!! We should salute them for their dedicated, longsuffering, painful service to Malaysia's mode of public transport (*ahem*, which is in dire need of mechanisation *ahem*).


Love it, HATE it, the KTM is here to stay. Maybe we just need to accept it for what it is. Give our beloved Krappy Tin Metal a chance.

Ok folks that's all for today. Don't forget to pick up a copy of my bestseller, 'KTM Services for Dummies' at your nearest bookstore. It's an exposé on the Malaysian Besi Buruk series- a handy handbook for every friendly neighbourhood commuters. Hurry while stocks last, coz it's flying off the shelves!

Dedicated to all my KTM buddies:

Klang- Ras, Lisa, Darz, Pavi, Darmini, Ka Weng, Sue May, Wan Azfar

Rawang- Shanon, Shajitha, Rachel, Vivian, ShuXin, Ben & Alex