May 6, 2008


Hey Earth's pollution...*ahem* i mean, population! Wassup? No never mind, i don't really care...Newayz it's kinda late to blog about this now but i thot i should get in a last word before...well who knows what will happen to me. Coz this is what happened to me today:

It was a freaking misery business day coz we had to go college on our holiday. So much for holiday *glares*. We have to finish an assignment by Sunday.Who picks a Sunday to hand in assignments anyway? So i got of the as-usual-sucky-KTM, and walked towards coll. As i was jalaning so innocently and all i suddenly felt something bite me on my leg. =__= Ooookeyyy! i couldn't find what it was that perpetrated that heinous crime...
wAS iT...hIM?????????
So guys, in case whatever bit me was a radioactive spider, i might morph into who knows what. i might not even remember being a girl with the annoying blog, so i just wanted to say...BUBBYE! C YA LATER SUCKERS!!!

On a scale of expired to really expired how expired is this

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