September 21, 2012

Ed-static over kwon chef’s genius

Chef Edward Kwon demonstrating the preparation of Samgyetang

LI TV's Korean celebrity chef, Edward Kwon, cooked for a special gala dinner which I attended with Rebecca as media guests under Expatriate Lifestyle. Special thanks to Sook Ping, Hwei and Akmal, the lovely ladies from Roots Asia Pacific who invited us. Here's an excerpt of my piece below and a link to the full story on EL's website.

Food either makes you happy or leaves you wanting. But guests at Korean celebrity chef, Edward Kwon’s six-course gala dinner on Sept 14, were rendered thoroughly impressed over his masterpieces. Inspired by the 13-episode production of EdVentures in Asia starring Chef Kwon, the feast was presented by Life Inspired TV and Maybank at the Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur.
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