September 22, 2008

Birthday Mom

It's the 22nd of September and my mom's happy happy birthday. She's 46! So we ate and ate and ate all day. My dad bought an ice-cream cake, which had no trace of cake, from Haagen Dazs. Read my wait, you can't. Then imagine reading my lips...HAAGEN DAZS! Haha Mohani. Are you jelling now? The cake came with a free pint (cue: SCREAM) of more ice-cream. We chose chocolate of course, all of us being choc aficionados. Hahaha! What a joke! We couldn't stab the cake with the candle coz the chocolate coating was big time bulletproof. So we had to stand it at the side instead.My mom makes a wish and my dad...err, stares into my sister's camera. Grr...hello, firstborn over HERE!!!
Happy birthday mom! You'll never grow old.

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