September 11, 2008

The day everyone wore pink to Uni.

La duh! We're all girls so yes we love pink, thank you very much.
Two Rachels, a Julia and a pink place

According to legend, my pants are also pink.
Hmm really? Looks more like tomato red to me
i guess you could call it pink on the reddest degree.

Pretty Dara, pretty in pink...
Get this, she almost went to MCKL. My previous college!!!
Holy shock(ing pink) !!!

And here we see the Geoffrey in his natural habitat, going about his natural primal habits.
Poor thing was caught- in PINK.

What any comments on your pink fetish 'Datuk' (like this will ever happen) Geoffrey?
Dr Geoff: "It takes a real man to wear pink"

A pink story by Ju Enn

The Pink Panther slinking around.
Model: Chern Lin

Jessica looks sweet in this pink stripped top

In no relation to this topic, the scones from Le Brioche.

Oh and the inside is pink =p

On a scale of expired to really expired how expired is this

Dudeit says since 1981 yo Very recent ah By your standardsla is it klaus cos you live forever Where thes stink is the expirey date W...