December 29, 2008

Thomas Kinkade's work

Art has a way of hooking your heart and your eyes. Thomas Kinkade is one of my favourite artists. Ever heard of him? He's the "Painter of Light". And the title fits. Just look at some of his work. It incorporates the element of light. It's so beautiful it makes me dream and tear. He paints a lot of houses, cottages, very Victorian looking. i take one look and it gets me going: "i'm soooo gonna live there". Like stepping into the painting.

It was tough trying to pick which painting to upload so i decided to save myself the brain damage and put in everything.

This one is called 'Hometown Christmas'. How i'd love to live in a neighbourhood like this. The vintage cars rock!!

This is 'Hidden Gazebo'. Gazebos are awesome. i'm gonna fall in love in one and get married in one.

'Everett's Cottage'. i wonder why it's called that. Maybe a guy named Everett lives there. Hmm wonder if he's cute. Hahahaha. His cottage is anyway!

'Sunset at Lamplight Lane'. Another sweet neighbourhood. They even have a lake for boating. The light effects in this painting are gorgeous.

There's one thing i don't understand. Why is this called 'Stillwater Cottage' when the current from the stream seems pretty fast? Haha ok stupid mouth. i'll just shut up. But this cottage rocks. Especially the little lane and the lamp. Ever realise that a lamp in front of a house would make it look so much prettier.

'Dogwood Chapel'. Wow at the mountains behind. i like that the chapel is made of stone. Stone cottages are nicer than wood ones.

'Living Waters' indeed. Check the stream out. i'd kill for a garden like that. And those flowers. Phew! If you look closely, there's a signboard on the grass. And one of the plants is potted. So this isn't a wild garden. Very well-kept.

'The Garden of Grace'. Another garden with a lot of larkspurs. i see blue ones, white ones, red and purple. Great steps too. Love the little gate. Finally, something shorter than me. Haha

'Blessings of Christmas'. And i say amen to that. Who wouldn't be blessed to have a house like this? Location is also fantastic. Cool archway. Frosty likes to chill outdoors. Hey Christmas tree outside the house!!! i dunno if it's the light, but the colour of the house walls is perfect. That pastel greenish blue.

Mein Gott!!! It's super duper gorgeous. 'The Garden of Hope'. That Roman vase and the pink and purple flowers in it. i see blue larkspurs on the ground. They're the only ones i can identify because of the shape. No idea what the other flowers are.

It's not easy to pick a favourite when it comes to Kinkade's work. But i think i like this one best. It's called 'The Bridge of Hope'. i think the name fits the painting. Hope is always related to light the way the light shines on this scenery is very beautiful. It really does look like a place of hope. Not to mention the serene feeling you get when you look at it. Once again, stone bridges are far nicer than wooden ones. The detail on this painting is very intricate. Just observe the lines on the stone curbs. Then the water, how the light shines on it. Can you see the stream running all the way from the top. i see more blue larkspurs and i think some white daisies.

'Seaside Hideaway'. Lillien was a disbeliever of houses overlooking seas before. Woman do you still think they don't look good. This painting can really make you change your mind eh? Nice huh? Plus that sunset. i like the steps leading towards the door with the little picket fence. Oooh don't forget the lamp.

This one's called 'Sweetheart Gazebo'. Awwwwwww. It would make a great spot for a date, not to mention a good spot to propose! Notice there's no lamp here. No spotlight!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha

'The Village Lighthouse'. This is strange. What does Kinkade mean? The lighthouse at the top far right of the painting? Or is a place named Lighthouse Village? Detail right down to the puddles on the ground. Cute lilliput people too.

'Pathway to Paradise'. Lillien, we should round up Woman Incorporated and have an English tea for ladies here don't you think? Sunday evening walks, maybe even camping at night.

'Lilac Cottage'. Aiyo so cute!!!!!!!! Little pumkin pie cottage with the honey bun blue door, sugar plum fences around, gum drop lamp in one corner and the peanut butter letterbox. Muahaha the cobblestone steps and even the wisp of smoke from the chimney. *SCREAM* i spy french windows and a to-die-for balcony. Dude is that virginia creeper? i believe i've found my dream home. Hahaha

'The Hour of Prayer'. Oh no, i'm drowning in drool. There're spider lilies. Check out the birdbath.

*Gasp*, 'Lamplight Manor'. Now i'm spoilt for choice. This would make my dream home too. i love everything about this house. The bridge; a river with steps leading down and the boat docked beside it; the stone house is way too cool; more french windows and lamps all around; lets not forget the gazebo. It's deliciously surreal. *Smacks lips* *AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*. This house is MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i don't know the name of this painting. But who cares. Imagine this, a house like the one in the painting above, vast land and a back gate like the one in this painting. Just nice for a car. You can see from the leaves in a straight line that this is a car lane. Haha. And why do i say back gate instead of front? Because i would prefer black Victorian gates for the front, very very tall, with tall stone walls too. i'll leave this mini white gate for the back.

You thought i was a poser? i'm an even bigger dreamer. *sigh*

When I wake up in the morning, love
And the sunlight hurts my eyes
And something without warning, love
Bears heavy on my mind

Then I look at you
And the world's alright with me
Just one look at you
And I know it's gonna be
A lovely day
... lovely day, lovely day, lovely day ...

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