December 24, 2008

Post about Didi when she was 2-y-o

Guess who's the lucky stinker with a **STAR** for a cousin. ""ME"". Didi my cousin, performed a hip hop version of Joy To The World in church. She was the only 2 year old ~ that's right people, 2 years old ~ to dance it up and sing the carol with other 10 year olds. And she totally wowed the crowd. Everybody loved her and fawned over her like she was the next Angelina Jolie. There hasn't been any talent like that since Shirley Temple and i am blown away.

And when my aunt called her a star, she said: "mummy, i'm just akid, not a star." Her words. Not mine. Awwwwww.


It just amazes me how much hair she has.

Hey tea party!!!
She says grace before digging in.

One word: Awwwwww

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